Scarecrows of Halloween – Halloweensie Contest Entry

Hi there! We’re getting ready to go to a kids’ Halloween party this afternoon, followed by an adults’ one this evening, so we’re busy busy busy over here. But I obviously had to find a few spare minutes to share my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s annual Halloweensie writing contest. Here it is:

Scarecrows of Halloween

Celtic scarecrow, celebrate the night
With samhain feasts and bonfires burning bright.

Roman scarecrow, see your customs spread
With Feralia, Goddess of the dead.

Middle Ages scarecrow, time to pray
For saints and martyrs on All Hallows’ Day.

Pilgrim scarecrow, sail across the seas;
Bring Hallows’ Eve to New World colonies.

Scarecrows of the southern states, beware,
The scarecrows of the North don’t like a scare.

So slither serpents, ghoulies go away,
Scarecrows, dress as birds and bugs today.

Go house to house and ask for things to eat
And call this awesome custom trick or treat.



One comment

  1. Helen, you are an amazing writer. The interesting NF topic related to Halloween, in 100 words, and it’s in rhyme. I enjoyed reading it and learned something new. I hope to see this in print some day. It’s very memorable. I still remember your underwater story. Good luck!


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