Review: Darwin’s Super Pooping Worm Spectacular

Title: Darwin’s Super Pooping Worm Spectacular
Author: Polly Owen
Illustrator: Gwen Millward
Age: 6-9

The book I’m reviewing today is extra special because it’s the debut picture book of one of my dear critique partners, Polly Owen. I had the pleasure of reading the manuscript in its early stages and watching it develop, and I absolutely love the finished product!

Charles Darwin is well known for studying exotic animals such as the tortoises on the Galapagos Islands, but did you know he was passionate about worms? At the time people believed worms to be pests that destroyed gardens, but Darwin set out to prove them wrong. He spent years carrying out experiments, testing everything from the worms’ sight and hearing to their sense of smell. His contemporaries mocked him, but Darwin was convinced that these little wiggly creatures were extra special.

Darwin’s Super Pooping Worm Spectacular presents Darwin’s work with worms in an exciting, child-friendly way. Speech bubbles from a cartoon worm and from Darwin himself add a delightful dose of humour to this fascinating picture book, perfectly complemented by Gwen Millward’s vibrant illustrations.

Well-researched back matter makes this book a great choice for schools as well as home libraries.

Darwin’s Super Pooping Worm Spectacular was released on 3rd January 2023. Many thanks to Polly Owen and Quarto for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

You can get hold of a copy by clicking one of the links below:

Book Depository


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