Book Review: I Am a Thief!

Title: I Am a Thief!
Author: Abigail Rayner
Illustrator: Molly Ruttan
Age: 4-8

The fact that my fantastic mentor, Vivian Kirkfield, already gave I Am a Thief! a rave review should alone be evidence that it’s worth reading. (In case you’re wondering how the mentorship is going, the answer is: brilliantly! 😀 More on that in a later post.) And now it’s my turn…

When Eliza’s class creates a display of green items, Eliza can’t resist a sparkly green stone, so she secretly takes it with her. But her “crime” weighs heavily on her conscious, stopping her from enjoying all of her usual activities.

In an attempt to make herself feel better, Eliza launches an investigation into thefts in her family and is shocked at what she finds: from the dog stealing sausages to her Grandpa taking his friend’s keychain, it seems everyone she knows is a thief! But instead of making her feel better, this just confuses her even more. She realises there’s only one thing she can do to ease the burden on her conscience, and it will take a lot of courage…

This heartfelt story will help children recognise feelings of guilt and remorse in themselves and make them realise they’re not the only ones who have ever felt like that. And it will show them that, as hard as it is to own up to wrongdoings, doing so is an act of courage that will cause the bad feelings to disappear.

I don’t know which technique the illustrator, Molly Ruttan, used to create the illustrations, but they have a soft, almost furry look to them, which really makes them stand out (sorry to all of you illustrators and art appreciators out there for my ignorance of art terminology!). There are also some beautiful details that add extra depth to the story, such as Grandpa fixing Eliza’s toy bunny while she’s talking with him.

A highly recommended read!

You can get hold of a copy of this book by clicking one of the links below.

I Am a Thief! was released on 3rd September 2019. Many thanks to North South Books and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.


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