Get Ready for Picture Book Party on 19th March!

This coming Tuesday, 19th March, is Picture Book Party!

Unlike Twitter pitch parties, where everything takes place on Twitter and you share pitches and hope for “likes” from agents and editors, the procedure for Picture Book Party more closely resembles a query. You send one or two submissions by email, following the submission guidelines here. They must be sent within a 1-hour window from 4 to 5 pm Eastern time (as always, don’t forget to convert to your local time!)

The organisers, Michelle Hauck, Sharon Chriscoe and Mindy Alyse Weis, will then pick around 20 of their favourite entries, which will be posted on Michelle’s blog for agents and editors to read (and possibly request). Throughout the week you can head over to #PBParty on Twitter to join in with the conversations and celebrations.

For more information, visit Michelle’s blog.

Good luck to everyone who’s planning to enter!